Tuesday, July 8, 2014


There is something so remarkably liberating about reaching a level of maturity, experience, and clarity that allows oneself to shake off concern for the world's perception of the individual. It feels like a breath of fresh air...or like a great deep inhale/exhale of crisp, fresh air to finally give myself permission to just stop being so concerned about allowing too much of who I am to show to certain people. I always new that I shouldn't worry about what others thought of me, but I could never convince my spirit...always shy by nature. As long as I keep strong persevering in faith and love above all else, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I am a colorful individual, and I'm tired of hiding it. Frankly, I've just gotten bored of this cage.

That's me with the dumb knee braces on :)....I ran a marathon nearly 3 years ago, but never went through photos until now. The only event to top this for showing myself what God's children are truly capable of was muscling through a 42 hour difficult natural labor. We are fearfully and wonderfully made....there is no reason to settle in life; no reason to back down against adversity for adversity's sake; no reason to hide the quirks and interests and talents that make you you.


  1. well said lass, you are an amazing woman and friend, never fear to stand tall and if something tries to stop you, just use your friendly battering ram ;)

  2. Thank you Sean! You are so inspiring :).

  3. "No reason to back down against adversity for adversity's sake".. love that!!