Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Forgotten Poem....

  The other day I was weeding out files from my laptop, in desperate hopes that it may run a little bit smoother afterwards, when I found this poem I had written August 20th of last year, 2009. Here she be:

Walk with me; glide - through silken darknesses of the evening;
shadows carress our skin and illuminate our hearts,

Ripping winds lay our souls bare against the street lights, begging for mercy....

Dead skin and bones slow their movement, but the embers of our beating hearts race to find one another.

Almost there.

Time is running out, but our pieces stitch together somehow, before all is lost...and then all is gained.

Zombie nomie eh!

Ok ok ok.....

   After much deliberating (since my last post, practically), I've decided that while tying myself down with trying to produce one great photo per day for this year, I'm going to break FREE of those chains and convert it into an all-encompassing "2010" album.
   I feel bad since I kinda feel like a quitter. Then I think about why I made this decision; how I came to not ending, but altering my project (that sounds better, right?). At first I loved the challenge of finding normal, every-day things to photograph and inscribe into tangible memory. However, I started to get frustrated with this, as there were *quite* a few days in which I had been busy from morning until night (and there goes my excellent lighting anyhow) and then was too exhausted to think of anything even remotely artistic to put into pixels.

   So I'm done with restrictions! And it feels so good :). Also, I may or may not be double-posting the pictures on this blog akin to the ones I post on FaceBook. After some self-evaluation, I figured out that I needed to start this blog to have a place to put other, random thoughts. I don't want any obligations - even something so insignificant as reposting pictures from FB.

  NOW....on to more interesting future posts ;] .