Tuesday, July 30, 2013

If I could put time in a baby bottle...

   Good gracious, it's been a while!

   Where do I start? Where did I leave off? Well.....

introducing the newest member of clan Hackbarth: Philip Elwood Gottlieb!

   Our dear son was born January 6th, 2013. Birth story to follow in a future post as a whole lot happened in my 42 hours of labor! 
   We bought a house. I have a new job. Husband is in school at the University to finish his Electrical Engineering degree. I'm starting an Etsy business. We had a dog for a week. Grimm kitty is still Grimm kitty. Marriages have happened in the family. But mainly, the most life-altering event has been the addition of our son, and we couldn't be happier!

   People have always said that having children changes you and that you just don't understand until you have one of your own. I always figured this was quite true, as you are suddenly responsible for a whole new host of duties to another human being....but that's not it. It's not as simple as simply taking on more responsibilities or even suddenly adding another person to the list of people you love. It is so much deeper than that; it's truly spiritual. Out of the love of two separate human souls, is created the miracle of a brand new soul and given the breath of life by God himself. Through nearly 10 months, I played house for this little life as he grew strong enough and developed enough to be brought into the 'outside.' Every fiber of my being is stitched within him and not only do I see him as my son, my child, but as an extension of myself and Steven, love in tangible form. Philip is love itself; a gift from the most loving of all: God the Father. To be blessed and trusted enough to be Philip's mother is truly the greatest blessing and privilege I have ever received. 
   No longer are my thoughts my own, as they are constantly with Philip; loving, wondering, planning, thinking, worrying, praying, etc... Not a moment goes by that he isn't at the forefront of my mind. Steven's Aunt Judy tells me that this will never change, even as her children have all become adults with families of their own. Extraordinary is the love of a mother for her children!

   Uh oh...baby waking from nap. Gotta go! To be continued...

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